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  • Jonathan Dunn, Founder of Pure Energy Wellness
  • Bachelor of Science UCF
  • Masters in Fitness Science International Sports Sciences
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Founder of Team Awesome Global whose motto is "It's Never Too Late To Be Awesome."

Our menu includes:

  • Self Actualization- Learning to be your best self and not comparing yourself to others
  • Empowerment Community Development - You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
  • Goal Setting and goal achieving using the smart method.
  • Internal and external health using clinical methods.
  • Learning to be inspired.

"We must all learn to accept that we are divine and come from divinity."

Wellness Staff

Ann Allen Pic

Ann Allen

Personal Trainer

Ann Allen is a certified personal trainer with AFAA for over 8 years with continuing education focusing on injury prevention, functional fitness, core and balance training as well as senior populations. Passionate about fitness and helping each of her clients reach their individual objectives. Because of this, her workouts are personalized to create a training style that works best for each individual client. Has worked with people from ages 16 to 78, pregnant women, people with chronic serious illness and people having to work around pre-existing injuries.

"Ann Allen is an extremely engaged, supportive, and motivating trainer. She really works with me individually, speaking to my specific strengths and weaknesses. She pays such close attention to both the form of body and spirit and seems to know exactly when to show patience, when to enact military strictness, and when to supply praise: all in the effort to gauge and inspire greater performance and fitness at whatever level. Not only is Ann a powerhouse of fitness, I trust Ann. She cares!"
-Vidhu Aggarwal

"Ann Allen undoubtedly is the best trainer with whom my husband and I have worked. She invests considerable time and effort in understanding your goals and any specific issues/limitations so as to customize training sessions that fit you. The result is a workout that is creative, dynamic and motivational. She pushes you just past your comfort level, and you find yourself accomplishing more that you thought possible. Ann’s focus during your workout is totally on you! She ensures that you’re using the correct form and provides the encouragement or challenge you need to move forward. I would recommend her highly!"
-Phyllis Klock

"A friend introduced me to Ann a few years ago. She is the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Ann designs the workout to meet your goals. No workout is the same. She ensures that you are correctly doing the routine and encourages you throughout the workout. Also once a week, Ann has a handout about healthy eating that is always helpful to my overall fitness and health."
-Katie Portia

"What's so great about Ann as a trainer is her combination of professionalism and creativity. She uses her vast knowledge to come up with new and effective techniques so that you're always challenged. Besides training, she keeps clients up to date on exercise and nutrition with free handouts each week. I highly recommend her!"
-Susan Libby


"I carry a line of funky, fabulous fitnesswear and funwear. You can see me wearing the fitnesswear most every day at the studio."
"And I find the funwear perfect for the weekends. Almost all of it is made in the USA and is very reasonably priced."wares1
Tess and Abiola Pic

Tess Falk &
Abiola Washington

Massage Therapists

Tess Falk and Abiola Washington are professionally licensed massage therapists, active participants in the Orlando massage community and volunteers for the Orange County chapter of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association. Working in the hospitality industry for over ten years, they have developed a passion for providing top-quality customer service and contributing to a memorable overall experience. Tess and Abiola have the knowledge and ability to provide amazing therapeutic massage! They love working with all kinds of people. This couple is vastly talented and hard working with lots of great energy to give!

Specialties include:
  • Deep tissue, Trigger Point therapy, Sports massage and Therapeutic Stretching
  • Pregnancy massage, injury therapy, hot stone, scrubs, wraps
  • Myofascial release work, Craniosacral therapy, breathe work, Reflexology, Reiki energy healing
"Tess gives a phenomenal massage. She spends time knowing the areas that need the most work and applies just the right amount of pressure.
I do a lot of driving in m car and carrying bags that put tension on my back. After a massage from Tess that tension is GONE."
-Cassie Waddell

"I flew into Orlando from Winnipeg Manitoba to attend a Real Estate Conference in Nov. 2012. I had a neck injury that had acted up just before I left which prompted me to find a therapist the moment I got settled into my hotel! My pain was constant and intense. When I scheduled my appointment, I mentioned that I needed healing therapy and not just a pampering massage. Without hesitation, the receptionist booked me with Tess Falk!
Tess took the time to analyze my physical needs and address all the related areas to my injury. I was astounded at how intuitive her touch was! She was not only quick to find my pain, she approached my pain in a slow methodical manner that made me feel safe in her hands. I was able to release the pain without defending my body. I could sense that she desired to help me and had compassion for me. I experienced a healing! When I left, my body, soul and spirit had been touched and my pain was gone.
Orlando people, you are so blessed to have Tess available to you! She will tailor her services to meet your needs. She will understand the way your body responds to her. If you are needing to be pampered, unwound, loosened up, or need deep healing therapy, she WILL take care of you and your body!
Tess is especially gifted in healing. If you know anyone in chronic pain, get them a gift certificate to see Tess. It is the most loving gift you can give."
-Tina Plett

Tess Falk is simply the best massage therapist I've been to. I have seen probably 20 massage therapists over the past 10 years. Tess's combination of strength and understanding of anatomy provide specific and powerful solutions to tight and painful areas. About a year ago I injured my back and couldn't play golf for about 3 months. Recently I reinjured the same area. I mentioned this to Tess during a massage. She promptly explained that I had strained my latissimus dorsi. She showed me where it connected and the function it provided. She then proceeded to dig right into both insertion points. It was painful in a good way. After the first treatment, it felt better, after 3 treatments it was healed. I am continually amazed as Tess explains how various areas effect other body parts. Who would think that a problem with hip tightness would cause upper back pain. I am extremely tight muscled and really like deep tissue work. Tess' understanding of musculature really helps her excel at digging down past the surface muscles into underlying muscle problems. Then she has the strength to dig down and loosen up the tight deep muscles. Her upbeat and outgoing personality make her appointments really fun. Tess is quite simply the best.
-Bob Hattori


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